Mon Jul 16 2018 (58:38)

Recent happenings in Ontario have put the province in the spotlight. Listen as Deena summarize current events, such as U of T's new policy mandating involuntary medical leave of absence for mental health issues; and, the shocking return to the 1998 sexual education curriculum. Simon reminds us of an important aspect of politics - who is accountable for potential harm associated with new party policies, particularly when a solid evidence-base exists? Simon presents a concise synopsis and analysis of Ford's "Buck-a-Beer" policy to reduce the cost and increase the availability of alcohol, despite a solid evidence-base indicating the harms associated with this practice.

How should policies be made? What is the interaction between policy development and evidence-base? Who should be held accountable for decisions that run contrary to a strong evidence-base? Tweet us @DYES_podcast to share your view.

On our next episode: Green Rush or Green Goblin? The varying potencies of cannabis legalization.


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