Green Rush or Green Goblin?

Mon Jul 30 2018 (59:41)

Green Rush or Green Goblin - The varying potencies of cannabis legalization. Listen to Part 1 of Simon and Deena's discussion about drug use in Canada. Topics include: decriminalization vs legalization; Fact Check on cannabis laced with fentanyl; apparent East-Coast trend of lacing cannabis with Windex; the varying drug policies re: cannabis by province; and harm reduction techniques. In an upcoming episode, Part 2, Simon and Deena take drug policy questions to the leader of their constituency and dispel more drug myths.

What are your thoughts on drug policies across Canada? Should policies be consistent across provinces? Why or why not? Have you heard/seen media reports of cannabis laced with fentanyl? Tweet us @DYES_podcast. We'd love to hear your thoughts!