Two smarty-pants under the same roof

Mon Aug 27 2018 (59:12)

In this very special episode, Simon co-hosts with his partner Nicola while Deena is away at an international conference. Simon gives an update on his job hunt and explains the difference between tenure-track professor and course instructors. Nicola talks about her experience with radical career change, having gone from electrical engineer to psychologist working with individuals with borderline personality disorder. They finish by discussing what it’s like, the pros and cons, of being in a couple with two PhDs.

Are you with a person that has a PhD? Have you experienced some challenges that we didn’t mention? Or maybe you’re interested in someone who is in grad school or has a PhD. What does that feel like, to be with someone who spent so long in school when you haven’t? We would love to hear about your experiences! Tweet us @DYES_podcast.