S1 E16: Nick Jones, Noble & Cooley, Part 2 with Special Offers

Sun Dec 10 2017 (31:37)

Nick Jones is the seventh generation of the family and one of just three people who build Noble & Cooley drums. If you haven’t heard Part 1 yet, it’s easy to find: it’s Episode 15, and I definitely recommend you listen to it first. This second episode covers Nick’s favorite kit he’s built and the resulting CoolMount he developed; reintroduction and evolution of the Horizon and Solid Shell series kits, acquisition of Witt Percussion and the resulting Walnut snares, the N&C Alloy snare drum, their new branded logo option, a look into their product development process, and some news about a new offering: Walnut drum sets! Noble & Cooley has generously extended two special offers for listeners of the show...details inside. More at drumshowroom.com. Would you be willing to take a 10-question listener survey to make the show even better? It's at drumshowroom.com. Thanks in advance.