S1 E14: Carter McLean of the Lion King, Charlie Hunter, Dunnett collaborator

Mon Dec 04 2017 (47:43)

Carter McLean has been playing drums full-time at the Lion King on Broadway since 2011. He’s an in-demand session and live player currently on tour with guitar wizard Charlie Hunter. And on that tour, Carter is debuting his one-of-a-kind George Way kit he designed with master craftsman Ronn Dunnett. Carter is well known on these here internets for his high production-quality YouTube drum video channel and Instagram account, through which he showcases lustworthy Dunnett Classic and George Way drums, Istanbul Agop cymbals, many innovative instruments and implements such as Morfbeats cowbells, Big Fat Snare Drum overlays, thoughtful bags and accessories from Tackle Instrument Supply, microphones from Earthworks, and more. Carter has been featured on a number of other podcasts and articles. Click over to the show page at drumshowroom.com to grab links to some of the best. Rather than rehashing what others have skillfully covered, we focused on Carter’s gear and sonic influences. Go check out Carter on tour with Charlie Hunter, in the pit at the Lion King, on Four Hands Drumming, or take a lesson in NYC, CT, or online! More at drumshowroom.com. Would you be willing to take a 10-question listener survey to make the show even better? It's at drumshowroom.com. Thanks in advance.