S1 E12: Kenny Sharretts Part 1, Drum Tech with Janet, Train, Rihanna, Stevie

Sun Nov 26 2017 (35:33)

Kenny Sharretts is the guy who makes your favorite drummers look and sound their best. As an in-demand touring drum and keyboard technician, stage manager, and pro drummer, Kenny’s knowledge and experience goes well beyond setting up, polishing, and tuning. Kenny is a superstar programmer and trainer of electronic music systems from drum triggers to samplers to some of the most complex keyboard rigs you’ll find on stages worldwide. Equal parts caddy, coach, therapist, and educator, Kenny brings a unique spirit and energy to everyone he interacts with. In this first part of our conversation, we cover Kenny’s background and his first big break, teching for master drummer, Kenny Aronoff with Melissa Etheridge and Michelle Branch. We then get into a day in the life of a touring tech and prepping for the road. We discuss the most complicated shows and rigs the veteran has served. Finally, we take on drum tuning, a topic covered in great detail and passion on Kenny’s outstanding YouTube channel. He discusses his balanced, two-key “stereo” approach. We’ll have much more on this topic in Part 2, coming later this week! Kenny’s clients have included (Artist / Drummer) • Janet Jackson / Lil John Roberts 2015-present • Train / Drew Shoals and Scott Underwood 2013-2015 • Stevie Wonder / Stanley Randolph, Chris Johnson, Lil John Roberts and percussionists Fausto Cuevas III, Munyungo Jackson, Roland Gajate Garcia Jr. 2007-2013 • Rihanna / Chris Johnson 2011-2013 • Enrique Iglesias / Van Romaine 2010 • 30 Seconds to Mars / Matt Wachter 2007 • Kelly Clarkson / Derek Wyatt 2006 • American Idols Live / Aaron Spears 2006 • Peter Frampton / Sean Fichter 2006 • Joss Stone / Caesar Griffin 2005 • Smashmouth / Michael Urbano 2005 • Michelle Branch / Kenny Aronoff 2003 • Double Trouble / Chris Layton 2003 • Melissa Etheridge / Kenny Aronoff 2002 In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I asked Kenny which pieces of gear he’s most thankful for: 1. Evans Drill Bit Drum Key 2. Evans Magnetic Head Drum Key 3. Tama 9-in-1 Multi Tool More on Kenny at kennysharretts.net and youtube.com/kennysharretts Would you be willing to take a 10-question listener survey to make the show even better? It's at drumshowroom.com. Thanks in advance.