S1 E10: Aaron Comess of Spin Doctors, Joan Osborne and more

Wed Nov 15 2017 (01:08:15)

25 years ago, a young Dan Radin heard the opening fill and drum groove on a song called Two Princes by the Spin Doctors and immediately said, “I need to do that myself.” The drummer on that track, and one of the driving forces in that band was Aaron Comess. The Spin Doctors went on to sell more than 10 million records. Aaron’s sound was one of my defining drum sounds of the 90s, with his cranked-up Brady snare cracking backbeats, ghost notes chattering away; Zildjian A Custom cymbals contributing glassy, not-too-bright wash, and the whole thing anchored together with thunderous Brady kick and toms. Since those Pocket Full of Kryptonite days, Aaron has reinvented himself as a producer, composer, and a drummer with a pretty different sound. Today, Aaron’s music tends to have more balance and blend than the cut and pop of those early days. He’s played on, written on and/or produced over two hundred albums with Joan Osborne, Bilal, Rachael Yamagata, Marc Cohn and Chris Whitley to name a few. And in recent years, he’s stepped forward as an artists and bandleader introducing music under his own name. Aaron also recorded The Spin Doctors’ latest blues record, If The River Was Whiskey, at his NYC studio, His House-Innsbruck Studios. Show notes: Aaron's background as a player including studies with Rick Latham Forming and building the Spin Doctors Recording Pocket Full of Kryptonite Creating *that* snare drum sound Aaron is a busy and in-demand composer, producer, and session drummer Joan Osborne's new album, Songs of Bob Dylan How Aaron's sound has changed since the early 90s How he modifies his tone, sometimes song by song Yamaha Club Custom drums including background Yamaha Recording Custom aluminum snare drum Zildjian Avedis 20″ ride and 18″ crash, and his '50s 15" A. hats Learn more about at aaroncomess.com