S1 E7: Josh Allen, INDe Drum Lab

Wed Nov 01 2017 (52:36)

Josh Allen learned to play drums from his dad, who was also a drummer. Josh earned a degree in Industrial Design and started his career with mainstream consumer companies like Kellogg’s and Fujifilm before joining Ludwig in 2010. At Ludwig, Josh designed the Atlas Pro, Classic and Standard hardware, the unique Atlas suspension bracket and line of mounting accessories; and he made updates to the Classic Maple, Keystone and import drum lines, and designed the progressive Signet line. Josh spent five years with Ludwig and was eventually promoted to Manager of Product Development for its parent company, Conn-Selmer, before leaving to start Independent Drum Lab (INDe) in 2015. In just two years, INDe has kits and snares in a wide range of sizes and finishes; snares in wood, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass, and it offers unique parts for builders and aftermarket. Most components of INDe drums are proprietary, and Josh was recently granted a pair of US Patents for his work. These drums are super affordably priced, plus there’s a special offer for listeners inside to save even more on an INDe kit for a limited period of time! Show notes: Josh’s background, getting started @kelloggsus and @fujifilm_northamerica: printing on @eggo_waffle and @poptartsus Working at @ludwigdrumshq and @connselmerinc Starting @inde_drum INDe drum design philosophy Designing INDe lugs, mounts, and throwoffs INDe drum shell design principles No gaskets! Comparing INDe drums to classic drums of the past How a drum component comes to life Bearing edge theory and practice How Josh keeps prices down and customer service up More at INDedrum.com