S1 E4: Donny Gruendler, President of Musicians Institute and his 50s WFL

Mon Oct 16 2017 (01:01:09)

This week's guest is player, performer, programmer, writer, and educator Donny Gruendler. Donny has made music with Kenny Burrell, John Medeski, DJ Logic, and the Funk Brothers; composed and played on jingles, feature films, and TV; he produces under the pseudonym, Inc, and performs as half of the funky-jazz-soul-electro duo Rhett Frazier Inc. Donny is President of Musicians Institute in Hollywood, a member of the Modern Drummer education team and columnist for the magazine; and has released many books and videos. Donny is an artist endorser for Yamaha, Paiste, Remo, Vic Firth, Gator cases, Electro-Voice microphones and Ableton Live software. Show notes: Drum Showroom is moving to Asheville, NC in November Final show with Fear the Masses in Providence (fearthemasses.com) What I'm playing with FTM (Darwins, Rogers, OG Z series and HHX) Last call for Rich Sticks (richsticks.com) Donny intro/bio Old vs. new, music and gear approaches Artistic authenticity and influences Approaches to balancing a music career and multiple activities Teaching, helping others, connecting people A brief history of Ludwig and the WFL Drum Company Donny's '50s WFL snare drum (check it out at donnygruendler.com) Old vs. new... again! Working with companies developing instruments The people behind your gear! More at donnygruendler.com ***Help Me Donate a Snare Drum to a School Every Month*** I've launched a Patreon to encourage listeners, supporters, friends, family, and others, to support the podcast if they can. patreon.com/drumshowroom -At $150 per episode, I will hire Bob Marino of OFNR Studios, veteran professional broadcaster and graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, to produce and engineer the show. -At $300 per episode, I will begin donating either one snare drum or a package of drum heads, sticks, and parts every month to a needy school music program. Thank you very much for reading if you've made it this far, thank you for believing in me, thank you for caring about music and the arts, and thank you for any support you can offer. patreon.com/drumshowroom