S1 E3: Brandon Paluzzi, DW Thin Aluminum

Thu Oct 12 2017 (01:07:16)

I have known today’s guest for 20 years. Our paths first crossed in 1997 in the early days of the internet, before discussion forums, on an archaic discussion medium called Usenet newsgroups. Brandon Paluzzi has done almost everything you can do on the drums – I think of him as something of a drumming polymath. After studying Jazz Performance at Carnegie Mellon University, he spent 4 years on football fields with WGI indoor marching drumlines. He then moved to London, England for 9 years to play with his band “Outside Royalty”, which was signed to Sony, got a 4-star review in Rolling Stone, and performed in an arena tour supporting The Cranberries. Today, he plays in a couple of really interesting bands with national attention including one really fun one I’ll have him tell you about. He’s also done a healthy amount of session work, film scoring, AND he spent a year playing marching quads professionally as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers drumline. He started his blog, Drum Gear Geek in 2017, oh and by the way, he’s a brilliant guy with a day job as a founding software engineer for healthcare company “Big Health", which mental health therapy online… a very noble and valuable cause. Snazzy new intro and outro music from Charlie Hunter and Eric Harland Drum Gear Geek and electronics Marching and jazz influence Approach with Silencio and Bachelor Boys DW Collector’s Thin Aluminum snare drum http://amzn.to/2yBaTP5 DW’s 3P multi-tension snare butt and MAG throwoff A note from DW’s John Good Check out Brandon at drumgeargeek.com and paluzzi.net