S1 E2: Emily Colt Radin, Preproduction

Mon Oct 02 2017 (50:32)

This is Drum Showroom with Dan Radin, the drum gear podcast. We're talking drums with the people, personalities, and stories behind each instrument. Episode 2: Preproduction, covers the following topics: Updates on Drum Showroom Thanks to Gary Vee and James Altucher #garyveeandjamesistarted Shoutouts to advisory panel -Tim Shahady paiste.com -Ryan Gruss thelooploft.com -Richard Ash samashmusic.com Lessons from the first week of starting a company Our first guest: singer/songwriter Emily Colt Radin -What it’s like being the spouse of a first-week entrepreneur -A discussion of macaroni and cheese (hey @kraft_macandcheese) -What a singer looks for in a drummer -Electronics and acoustic drums -Bonham is still great, and drum sounds