Doesn't Sound like Anything to Me: A Westworld Recap

An Ivan & Red Westworld Recap

Writer Ivan Hernandez and comedian Red Scott break down everything Westworld, including every episode of the HBO series and also the original movies. For questions, rants, and praise, follow us on twitter @boarsgoresword... More
Latest Episode2018-6-25

2x10: Bulls, Gore, and Swords

“The Passenger” is a real twist of an episode in a series that’s whole premise is that of a twist, really twists it up. Lisa Joy & Jonathan Nolan go full Chubby Checker. Ivan & Red can’t believe they’ve been duped and they couldn’t be happier about it.

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2x10: Bulls, Gore, and Swords

The Passenger

2x09: Happy Father's Day

Vanishing Point

2x08: The Welcome Knife


2x07: Undead Man's Switch

Les Écorchés

2x06: Westworld Power

Phase Space

2x05: Weeabooworld

Akane no Mai

2x04: Playing with Non-Metaphorical Fire

The Riddle of the Sphinx