EP 204 The Story of Dumb White Guy Part 4 - Craig and Sarah Quartermaine

Sun Jun 24 2018 (01:21:37)

GREAT EPISODE! How fitting that when addressing such a turning point for the show, we have another turning point in the show. So long and so much fun we had to split it in two parts. Craig and Sarah Quartermaine return and bring about self-awareness in BB yet again.  After returning to Oz and spending a few months estranged from Sarah working on a TV show in Sydney, Craig is back in Perth. Both chaps really do miss working together as chaotic as it all got. A mind blowing coincidence confirms it all for BB that he and Craig are supposed to do something, he just doesn’t know what yet. Warning! Dodgy audio via Skype and Australian internet, but for once it aint BB’s fault!