EP 198 Nutcancer and the Cuntfucker Proxy pt 2

Sun Apr 29 2018 (02:15:04)

Pt two of BB's New York trip which was the catalyst to him getting his testicles finally checked for cancer or hernias and going back into recovery. BB's second appearance on the Jim and Sam show goes slightly awry after his meds have kept him awake for 36 hours, he sends an unwitting pompous tweet regarding the show's intern Ant aka shitloaf aka cuntfucker which is completely contrary to the rather tired giggly affable man who's made it very clear he's more than willing to be the butt of the joke for the sake of the show. Not all the listenership are quite as comedically savvy as BB first presumes. Warning! Relax, it might be cringeworthy but there's not a single person in the room that doesn't know what the fuck is going on!