EP 190 Never F' With Sam Roberts' Fourth Wall

Sun Mar 04 2018 (01:44:49)

BB's back home after his NYC visit and is still trying to process what happened. Many of you may know Sam Roberts as the voice of the fans for WWE. But what lies beneath is a man that was a big part of one of the most fascinating stories in the history of broadcasting. Now the morning host for Sirius XM's Jim and Sam, Sam is a wrestling fan like BB and loves a "work" just as much as Brendon does. While Brendon tries to process every context surrounding his visit, performing at the Patrice O'neal benefit, he also tries way to hard to do so without agenda. Which in itself becomes the agenda. Sam sees his spot and sets up a work of his own that leaves BB's head spinning. Warning! BB tries too hard to get things right before too long!