Ep 46 - Kate Copstick

Wed Jun 03 2015 (01:42:12)

Cracking episode! Kate Copstick used to be on play school, now she crushes dreams. Copstick is one of the most feared and revered comedy critics in the UK and she most certainly has not always been Been Brendon's biggest fan. In a very candid interview Brendon voices what he sees to be the flaws in the UK's comedy criticism industry and tries to delve a bit deeper into what's behind the mask of the self professed "cunt" of comedy criticism. She admits freely that she is a failed comic and that perhaps envy plays a role in her decimation of female comics in particular. We segue neatly into her other job which is writing scripts for porn films. It took balls for her to do this, say what you like about her: the cunt can take a punch. Warning! Contains a cunt!