Ep 45 - Leslie Smith, Iszi Lawrence and Bryan Lacey

Wed May 27 2015 (01:23:34)

Great episode! Simulcast with Bryan Lacey's "Stand up Throwdown" podcast. UFC women's division fighter Leslie Smith joins the show live from the US. We don't want anything she said (or was asked) to be taken out of context but let's just say it's a very candid chat about women's MMA (We are a comedy podcast not a journalistic one after all) So just give this a listen as Brendon asks his obligatory dumb white guy questions with hilarious results. Ju Jitsu practitioner and fellow comedian Iszi Lawrence does a fantastic job of not letting the two barely in shape wussy men make too much of a tit of themselves in front of these two kickass ladies. Oh and they break down UFC 187 Warning! This show is all about MMA... if that doesn't grab your fancy check it out regardless as it's the fastest growing sport in history. Plus the Mayweather fight sucked and it's time you switched over anyway.