ep 43 The Brendon Burns ShowPodcast - Dane Baptiste, Ola the Comedian and Prince Abdi 12.05.15

Tue May 12 2015 (01:47:58)

God dammit this episode rocks. Joining Brendon in the studio are comedians Dane Baptiste, Ola the Comedian and Prince Abdi. Ahead of their charity do "Black Lives Matter" in aid of the Stephen Lawrence charitable trust at the comedy store in London. Brendon asks some dumb white guy questions about the black circuit and stereotypes attributed to different nationalities within the UK's black community. Brendon admits how much he craves black approval. They get into everything from the riots in Baltimore, the staggering level of support for the conservatives in the recent election and how they get treated by supposed liberals on the UK comedy scene. Oh and Prince Abdi reminds Brendon how he originally asked him to be one of the plants in "So I Suppose This is Offensive Now" and how he may have saved him from his own original racist script. Funny, candid, open and insightful as hell. They answer a lot of questions you'd generally be too scared to ask. Tickets to black lives matter here: http://thecomedystore.co.uk/london/show/black-lives-matter-fundraiser-for-the-stephen-lawrence-charitable-trust/ Warning! Contains and open conversation about race in the UK!