ep 209 -v2- Brendon & Colt Cabana's Festival diaries AND Bethany Black!

Wed Aug 08 2018 (01:01:52)

Hey so sorry guys, the first version of this was broken, this is the fixed version!

Brendon and professional wrestler Colt Cabana are getting into the swing of things at the Edinburgh festival. They have some stories, we'll let you enjoy the build. Then BB interviews comedian Bethany Black. BB first met her when she was transitioning. They get into whether or not defining someone's "previous" gender is a good or a bad thing. And they recall one particular night back when they were both drinking very heavily and each had a lot of questions about their own gender and sexuality. There's some proper bombshells along the way with truly hilarious results.

Warning! This one will leave you going, "Wait. What? She did what?!!"