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The Story of Madame Edith Diss DeBar and her willing victim, Luther Marsh.

The story of Madame Editha Diss DeBar, a fake psychic and professional con artist, who fooled Luther Marsh, a nice old man (a retired judge!) into believing she had amazing and miraculous powers to communicate with the dead, including his late wife. In 1888, she nearly fleeced him of his entire life savings, until she and her cronies were arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud, and were put on trial. HISTORICAL REFERENCES:New York Sun, March 29, 1888.New York Tribune, April 2 & May 1, 188 ...

The Weird World of Crime and its Victims.

This is a “true crime” episode which also opens up a unique “slice of life” from two totally different stories and two completely different locations in 1920: the nation of China and Cleveland, Ohio (sort of).HISTORICAL REFERENCES:30 Men Arrested by Crew of S.S. Roosevelt, After Crooks Rob Excursionists,Cleveland Plain Dealer, September 7, 1920.American Saves Girls from Chinese Pirates,Cleveland Plain Dealer, September 8,1920.GUEST VOICES:Miss C.S.K. Neilson: Minna Kavilo, from the True Crime Fi ...

The story of the first lynching in Ohio history.

In October 1856, an angry mob in Manchester, Ohio, lynched a man named Bill Terry. He was accused of a brutal assault on a young woman, Margaret Morris. This was the first lynching to take place in Ohio.HISTORICAL REFERENCES:Adams County Democrat, October 31, 1856.Cleveland Plain Dealer, December 9 and 24, 1856.GUEST VOICES:Bill Terry: Cole Johnson from the Cole Sportz podcast and the Revelations podcast.Margaret Morris: Erica Jones from the Martinis and the Macabre podcast.Jane Terry: Danielle ...

Mini-Episode, with guest host Anabellle D-C.

According to an article published in a respected New York newspaper in 1876, a local inventor successfully built and flew an aircraft over the city. But - did it really happen?HISTORICAL REFERENCE:Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, December 30,1876.GUEST HOST: Anabelle D-C of Anabelle AudiosEPISODE MUSIC:Kevin MacLeod of –Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License / by/3.0At RestImprobableTeddy Bear WaltzMalt Shop BopMusic Box Them ...

Airship Sightings Over Ohio: Years Before Motorized Aircraft Were Supposed to Exist.

In 1897, numerous individuals across Ohio reported that they had seen an airship in the sky, hovering over their city or town. This was years before the first successful flight of a motorized aircraft was supposed to have occurred – according to the history books. What is the explanation for this?HISTORICAL REFERENCES:Newspaper Articles:Akron Beacon and Republican, April 16, 20, 22; May 4, 5, 13, 1897.Athens Messenger and Herald, April 22, 1897.Akron Times-Democrat, April 21; May 5, 1897.Ashland ...

Crocodile Tears & The Murder of Samuel Post.

In New York City, in February 1891, a young woman named Ella Nelson shot and killed her married boyfriend. Yet, in a wild trial, a jury declared her “Not Guilty”. This shocking case made nationwide headlines at the time, but is hardly known today. This episode tells the story of what happened -- and why.HISTORICAL REFERENCES:Transcript of Trial of Ella Nelson, Trial #14, John Jay College, pp. 23-26.District Attorney Indictment Files, Court of General Sessions, NYC Municipal Archives, Box 428, Fo ...


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Sightings and Encounters of “Wild Men” and Other Savage Creatures, as Reported in the Newspapers.

The year 1897 was a hotbed of news reports of encounters with bizarre and unexpected animals and other wild creatures, in random places in Ohio.HISTORICAL REFERENCES:Akron Beacon and Republican, April 28, 1897.Akron Times-Democrat, May 26, 1897.Bluffton News, May 6, 1897.Cadiz Sentinel, May 9, 1897.Cincinnati Enquirer, April 27 & May 9, 1897.Cleveland Plain Dealer, January 26, April 29, May 16 & 27, June 10.Logan County-Index. April 8, 1897.Marietta Register, June 7, 1897.Portsmouth Blade, April ...

Bonus Episode - with guest host Anabelle D-C.

The infamous lynching in Findlay, Ohio was front-page headline news across the U.S., at the time. In this short “bonus” episode, you will hear excerpts of editorials from a diverse collection of major newspapers, speaking out about the incident, within days after it occurred in 1892.HISTORICAL REFERENCES:Cleveland Plain Dealer, April 2, 1892 (article quoting numerous editorials from newspapers, speaking out, on the Lytle lynching and its aftermath. The quoted newspapers include the Toledo Blade, ...


The tragic impact of the lynching of Joseph Lytle on his sister-in-law, Martha Lytle.HISTORICAL REFERENCE:Driven Crazy By The Action Of The Findlay Mob, Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 17, 1892.GUEST VOICES:Newspaper Reporter: Steven Cardinal of Aural Traditions podcast.Listener Warning: Ali McLennan of In Sight podcast.Host Intro & Extro Aphorism: Annabelle D-C of AnabelleAudiosEPISODE MUSIC:Kevin MacLeod of –Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Licensehttp://creative ...


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Violent Terror in Findlay, Ohio, 1892.

This first episode will feature a quick summary of what this podcast is about, and what listeners can expect to hear in the future. This is immediately followed by our first featured story: The saga of Joseph Lytle, a middle-aged bully, who was lynched by an angry mob in 1892, in Findlay, Ohio, after he attacked his ex-wife and daughters with a hatchet, and left them for dead, in a pool of blood.HISTORICAL REFERENCES:Hancock Daily Courier. March 30 & 31, 1892; April 3, 1892.Findlay Weekly Jeffer ...