7 - Shane Mauss (Psychedelic Comedy)

Tue Sep 06 2016 (01:09:15)

Featuring comedian Shane Mauss, to our knowledge the only person to have ever written feature length comedy routines about the evolutionary psychology of sex or about psychedelics. Shane is an amazingly humble dude, considering he interviews scientists for fun when he's not blowing people's minds and guts with his ballsy humor about the untouchably weird dimensions of human existence.  His podcast Here We Are is a veritable compendium of brilliant conversations that become the fuel for his smart jokes, and we highly recommend you check that out after you've enjoyed this radical discussion (in which Shane and Michael were on Skype in separate rooms of the same house – the sacrifices that we make for clean recordings!):

Shane's links: www.shanemauss.com  twitter.com/shanecomedy  www.herewearepodcast.com

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