63 - David Bronner (Psychedelics, Activism, & Social Trans-foam-ation)

Sat Mar 03 2018 (01:10:42)

This week’s guest is David Bronner, grandson of Dr. Emanuel Bronner and the heir to and CEO (“Cosmic Engagement Officer”) of Dr. Bronner’s Soap Company. He’s also an outspoken advocate for psychedelic medicines and visionary culture, and has used his wealth and influence in awesome ways to support the collective healing of American society. In this episode we discuss his advocacy and activism, and the life-changing experiences that brought him to his current understanding and role in helping bring about a saner and more loving world…

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We Discuss:

• The visionary science fiction novels of Olaf Stapledon, Last & First Men and The Starmaker

• How David reconciles a sweeping cosmic vision with the day-to-day realities of work in the world

• His experiences with iboga and the consequent deep experience of connection to the life and work of his father and grandfather

• His grandfather’s development of a firefighting foam used today by the forestry service to fight wildfires, and his childhood of blasting foam everywhere around Los Angeles

• Life artistry and appreciation for our families as life artists

• Epigenetic inheritance of trauma and how that affects the survivors of catastrophe

• Healing starts with you and THEN grows outward

• The history of the Dr Bronner’s foam showers at Burning Man and how David and his friends turned it into an immersive experience to help transmute the pain and suffering of The Holocaust

• Society as a finite game obsessed with maintenance; contrasted with culture as an infinite game delighting in renewal and novelty

• Managing wealth as an act of service to the collective

• How entheogen helped David over his conditioned homophobia and jealousy

• The origins of religion in ecstatic experience

• David’s passion for regenerative agriculture and political action (for hemp, transgender rights, psychedelic-assisted therapies, and more)

• Catharsis, the healing-focused Burning Man inspired cultural event held on the National Mall that David has helped organize in recent years

David Quotes:

“All is on the cross.”

“These sacred traditions that have almost been exterminated have the power the heal us and save us.”

“It’s deadly serious, but it’s also a dream…I don’t know.”

“I knew I was being initiated…like, ‘Okay, this is happening. So what is the least karmic consequence for all involved?’”

Michael Quotes:

“The difference between Heaven & Hell is how hard you’re trying.”