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WoW Addiction and Youtube Fights Twitch

Sat Jul 14 2018 (01:24:46)

Gamers Too Podcast for July 13 2018

Nate tells us all too much about what he has been up to this week and we learn that Youtube is jealous of Twitch, shocker.Humble-

World Cup and Todd Howard

Sat Jul 07 2018 (01:06:38)

Gamers Too Podcast for July 6th 2018

Todd Howard gets to be the focus of this weeks podcast as it is a light news week. Humble - -

Gaming Addiction and SGDQ

Sat Jun 30 2018 (59:05)

Gamers Too Podcast for June 29th 2018

Matt and Nate discuss the classification of a game addiction by the World Health Organization and they discuss the charity even that is SGDQ.

Bethesda Sues and E3 Scores

Sat Jun 23 2018 (01:00:20)

Gamers Too Podcast

Matt and Nate discuss Bethesda suing the Westworld Mobile game and find out who won the E3 predictions show. Humble - -

E3 Recap

Sat Jun 16 2018 (02:03:17)

Gamers Too Podcast for June 15th 2018

Matt and Nate run through all the conferences from E3 in this 2 hour special. Humble- -

E3 2018 Predictions

Sat Jun 09 2018 (01:26:35)

Gamers Too E3 Predictions for 2018

Matt and Nate run through the majority of conferences and give their predictions for what we will see at this years E3.Humble-

Crackdown 3 Delayed and The Crew 2 Details

Sat Jun 09 2018 (01:12:54)

Gamers Too Podcast for June 8th 2018

This week is full of annoyances as Matt and Nate are getting upset with how this E3 is shaping up to not be exciting. Crackdown 3 pushed into 2019 and the guys played The Crew 2 closed beta and gave the opinions we love. Humble - -

Fallout 76 and Pokemon

Sat Jun 02 2018 (57:41)

Gamers Too Podcast for June 1st 2018

Matt and Nate go through the biggest news of the week in Fallout 76 and Nintendo's Pokemon announcement. They also hate other drivers. Humble - -

Battlefield V and Pornhub

Sat May 26 2018 (57:33)

Gamers Too Podcast for May 25th 2018

Battlefield V has had its official release event and talked in length about some details with more to be shown at E3. Matt and Nate have solved the esports problem for the PGA license, even if it didn't need it. RIP TotalBiscuit

COD Black Ops 4 Reveal and Rage 2 Confirmed

Sat May 19 2018 (01:08:51)

Gamers Too Podcast for May 18th 2018

This week has a bunch of things to be spoiled before E3 setting it up to be a boring show. Black Ops 4 is confirmed to have no single player and now includes a Battle Royale. Buy games and support charities: us questions:

E3 Ruined By Walmart

Sat May 12 2018 (01:27:22)

Gamers Too Podcast for May 11th 2018

Walmart ruined E3 for everyone, kind of. Nintendo has revealed their plans to compete in the paid online service universe. The big shocker is that video game companies made alot of money, aka they had their earnings call.

Red Dead And Fortnite Season 4

Sat May 05 2018 (01:11:40)

Gamers Too Podcast for May 4th 2018

May the 4th be with you. This week is all about Fortnite season 4 and the news coming out of Rockstar about Red Dead Redemption 2. The guys also get their first taste of reader mail about cars. Gamers Too - -

Gamers Too Podcast for April 27th 2018

Halo Online was being brought back to life by fans but then issued takedowns, Valve is buying studios and who knows what that means. Destiny: Warmind details were announced and Nate is not to impressed with the constant reuse of old material.

Gamers Too Podcast for April 20th 2018

420 Blaze it with Kratos in God of War this week. There were many small stories this week to get through with World of Warcraft and Shenmue making appearances. Even if you have things to play there are a ton of things on sale on many different platforms to pick up.

Gamers Too Paxstravaganza

Sat Apr 14 2018 (01:26:57)

PAX East Recap 2018

Nate runs through a lengthy list of games with Matt as he recaps his trip to PAX East 2018.

God Of War and More Battle Royales

Sat Apr 14 2018 (01:02:16)

Gamers Too Podcast For April 13th 2018

Nate and Matt get back to it after a week off. If people thought we were done with battle royale games after the huge success of PUBG and Fortnite, we are only getting started. There is also a chance that God Of War is the best Playstation game ever.

PAX East and Randomness

Fri Apr 06 2018 (01:10:19)

Gamers Too Podcast for Apr 6th 2018

This was a pre-recorded episode as the guys are away this week at PAX East and vacationing. If you like hearing some stories or the guys ramble on about nothing for a while, this is the episode for you.

Gamers Too Podcast for Mar 30th 2018

This week Matt and Nate discuss their efforts to quell a cult takeover in Montana and restore the land back to the people, drugs and cults are bad mmkay kids?Oh also, Fortnite is Youtube's single biggest game now.

Sea Of Thieves and GDC News

Sat Mar 24 2018 (01:02:00)

Gamers Too Podcast for Mar 23 2018

Matt and Nate don't understand the hype around Sea of Thieves. They also field their first challenge to talk about anything, good try listener.

Gamers Too Podcast for Mar 16th 2018

This week is a decent week with news of a new Tomb Raider, Toys R Us closing, and Twitch records being set with a massive stream by Ninja featuring Drake and others.

Gamers Too Podcast for Mar 9th 2018

There was a bunch of news this week seemingly all starting on Wednesday. The Nintendo Direct showed Smash to finally be coming in 2018. Nate is pumped for the Division 2 to officially be announced and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is also officially this years entry in the series. The weird bit from this week is that Fortnite is coming to mobile. All this and more in this weeks podcast. We know we forgot Timothy Dalton.

Gamers Too Podcast for March 3rd 2018

ESRB has a new way to try to help solve the loot box problems with kids and buying to much. Overwatch has a new hero coming to it and a bunch of other random stuff Matt and Nate talk about this week. Also Nate seem's to have soldout to Corsair unknowingly.

Dice Awards And Funerals

Sat Feb 24 2018 (01:00:36)

Gamers Too Podcast for Feb 23 2018

This week is all about the Dice Awards and what we have been up to. Nate also needs to learn what to say when it comes to funerals and looks to Matt for help.

Gamers Too Podcast for Feb 16th 2018

This week we learn that Nate is not high of the Sea of Thieves punch and even though THQ went out of business, the NEW THQ is still buying up all their old properties.

Gamers Too Podcast for Feb 9th 2018

In a rather slow news week the future of the digital age is upon us as Best Buy is the first retailer to officially stop the sales of CD's this summer. Activision-Blizzard made billions in the calendar year of 2017 to no one's surprise but it will only grow from here. Humble Partner Link:

Gamers Too Podcast for Feb 2nd 2018

Nate and Matt discuss a ton of things. Nintendo Online is coming, Battle for Azeroth pre-orders are live, EA had an earnings call, and Red Dead has been pushed to the fall. All of these topics and more random tangents as is tradition.

Food, Soccer, and Games

Sat Jan 27 2018 (01:06:53)

Gamers Too Podcast for January 26 2018

Nate and Matt get side tracked by food and Nate's obsession with Football Manager. The state of the industry is in thanks to a Game Developers Conference survey and it looks up for us for now.

Gamers Too Podcast for January 19 2018

Nate and Matt discuss Nintendo's newest gimmick, Labo. Matt also discovers that Nate has a severe problem with Football Manager 2018.

CES and Nintendo Direct News

Sun Jan 14 2018 (01:07:00)

Gamers Too Podcast for January 13 2018

Matt and Nate go through the news from the Nintendo Direct and CES 2018 this week. The biggest news though is that Matt actually played games.

2018 Anticipation Awards

Sun Jan 07 2018 (01:18:09)

Gamers Too Podcast for January 6 2017

The guys get 2018 started off right and discuss everything they think is coming in the year of Dog.

Uncle Matt's End Of Year Review

Sat Dec 30 2017 (01:37:36)

Gamers Too Podcast for December 29 2017

It is the end of 2017 as we know it. It was a great time but as all good things they must come to and end. 2017 will be in the top 3 years of all time for gaming even while tainted by micro transactions.

Star Wars Episode VIII With Spoilers!

Sat Dec 16 2017 (01:42:50)

Gamers Too Podcast for Dec 15th 2017

The guys saw Star Wars Episode VIII last night and since nothing too much happened in the gaming news this week, we dove in to movie talk.

Game Awards And PSX Recap

Sun Dec 10 2017 (01:16:21)

Gamers Too Podcast for Dec 10th 2017

The guys sit down after a week off to discuss what they saw at The Game Awards and Playstation Experience.

Our Top Ten Of All Time

Sat Nov 25 2017 (01:12:44)

Gamers Too Podcast for Nov 24th 2017

Matt and Nate discuss their top 10 favorite games of all time, which they are fully aware they missed ones and would like to have 50 honorable mentions.

Gamers Too Podcast for November 17th 2017

This week should be put behind a massive pay wall to meet the requirements to talk about Battlefront. Can we rename The Game Awards to The Keighleys.

EA Buys Respawn Entertainment

Sat Nov 11 2017 (01:14:20)

Gamers Too Podcast for November 10th 2017

We are hungry this week. Side tracked by our love for food we eventually get in to the news from the week.

Paris Games Week and Blizzcon

Sat Nov 04 2017 (01:35:59)

Gamers Too Podcast for November 3rd 2017

There was a lot to come out of the gaming news this week. Even after scaling down the release list, Paris Games Week and Blizzcon provided more than enough for Matt and Nate to discuss. 

Gamers Too Podcast for October 29th 2017

This week gets off to a slow, two day delayed, start talking about the struggles of adulting and gaming. Then the news comes, cheap games, halloween deals, cheaters, and Sony's second half of E3 on Monday. for old episodes. 

Gamers Too Podcast October 20th 2017

This week gets heated as the guys discuss Activision's patent that allows them to bend multiplayer to entice you to pay money. There was also the closing of Visceral Games and the discussion of why and what could become of their Star Wars game.

Fortnite Is Killing It

Sat Oct 14 2017 (01:19:40)

Gamers Too Podcast October 13th 2017

This is the longest episode to date because the guys get super carried away on a tangent discussing gaming habits and old memories. Fortnite has been putting up a strong statistical month since its release. Oh and there are a bunch of ridiculous games out this week. to leave comments with a chance to be read on next episode and listen to past episodes. 

Gamers Too Podcast for October 6th 2017

This week the team discusses the loss of Andrew House and what could be for consoles. PSVR is also getting some welcome updates although the guys aren't sure it will matter in the short term. Visit for comments or to hear old episodes. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 Has A Trailer!

Sat Sep 30 2017 (57:26)

Gamers Too Podcast September 29 2017

Matt and Nate discuss the new Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer, Matt ties up to score of the NINDIE Game 1-1 and Assassin's Creed takes an educational approach. to leave a comment and listen to past episodes.

PUBG Is Not A Fan Of Fortnite

Sat Sep 23 2017 (59:47)

Gamers Too Podcast September 22 2017

Matt has come back to discuss PUBG and their child like complaining. Tokyo Game Show happened and a few other news bits. The first game of the Nindie Event has come out and Nate took a 1-0 lead. 

Nintendo Direct and NPD

Sun Sep 17 2017 (16:03)

Gamers Too Podcast 9/15/2017

Nate is alone this week to run through the news. He keeps it short and sweet. Pretty much like this description. 

Gamers Too Podcast for September 8th 2017

Nate and Matt get through the news just so they can talk about all the Destiny that Matt has been playing. Oh, Nate loves South Park so the news regarding that is awesome. Deals of the week have some of the best steam reviews, go check them out. 

Destiny 2 and Nintendo Nindies

Fri Sep 01 2017 (59:42)

Gamers Too Podcast September 1st 2017

Nate and Matt rave about their experience with Destiny 2 on PC and then give the most bogus ratings they can to the games coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Gamescom Wrap-up and Half Life 3

Sat Aug 26 2017 (01:00:42)

Gamers Too Podcast August 25th 2017

Nate and Matt discuss most of the news that came out of Germany this week at Gamescom. There was also this thing apparently about Half Life 3 that Matt really liked. 

Crackdown 3 Was Delayed!?

Sat Aug 19 2017 (01:00:56)

August 28th 2017 Gamers Too Podcast

Nate and Matt sit down to discuss Crackdown 3 being delayed and what the true price of games should be.

GTA Still Makes Money

Sat Aug 05 2017 (55:31)

Gamers Too Podcast August 4th 2017

Nate and Matt discuss this weeks gaming news and learn that Take Two makes way to much money and that Guild Wars 2 is still alive.