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Top 10 Stan Lee Cameos - Episode 021

Mon Dec 03 2018 (26:19)

Susan and Kitty take time to honor the legacy of Stan "The Man" Lee, counting down the Top 10 Stan Lee Cameos.His larger than life spirit lives on across Marvel films, comics, and video games- plus, a DC movie?Listen along and find out which cameos we chose as showcasing the best of his legacy.

Top 10 Holiday Films - Episode 020

Mon Nov 19 2018 (25:17)

It's the most wonderful time of the year as Susan and Kitty make their list of Top 10 Holiday Movies!Will their choices put you in the spirit of the season, or should they have checked this list twice?Find out now!

Something wicked this way comes!Susan and Kitty are summoning an enchanting list of the Top 10 Witches in Pop Culture.Whether you're a good witch or a bad witch, listen along and see which spellcasters made the cut!

In this special Geek Culture Countdown episode, Susan and Kitty are taking a break from the usual Top 10's to make some Halloween movie recommendations ahead of the haunting holiday.From classic scares to family affairs, put these freaky flicks on your movie marathon list this month!

Susan and Kitty are passing the mantle of Marvel's greatest heroes and taking a look at some of the top Marvel Legacy Heroes to date- whether they hold the hammer or share the shield, these newer heroes honor the names of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Susan and Kitty are pulling on the threads of the Spider-Verse to find the most functional, stylish, and spectacular Spider-Man Suits in all of Marvel.Will they wrap up a nice list, or will they get tangled in their own web?

Top 10 Star Wars Vehicles - Episode 015

Mon Sep 10 2018 (22:39)

Susan and Kitty are making the jump to hyperspace as they take on the Top 10 Star Wars Vehicles.Will their list outpace the rest, or will they need to refuel and rethink these intergalactic transports?

Susan and Kitty are counting down our choices for the craziest, craftiest, and cleverest Top 10 Villains in Batman’s Rogues Gallery. Will the list reflect Gotham’s most wanted, or will they fail to catch the right criminals?

Have Susan and Kitty finally jumped the shark? Or are they just counting down the Top 10 Sharks in Pop Culture? Listen along as they take a bite out of the toothy terrors of the seven seas in film, comics, animation, and more!

Susan and Kitty have used the Force to bind together the Top 10 Luke Skywalker Moments in Star Wars. Will they hit the target and save the galaxy, or is it time for these Jedi to end?

Susan and Kitty have put their minds to the test in order to think up the Top 10 Mutant Telepaths in Marvel Comics. Will they read your mind and make the right choices, or will they go down the wrong path- telepath, that is!

Susan and Kitty have crunched the numbers and come up with our Top 10 Superhero Corporations! Will their list of big businesses make the payroll, or will they lose their super stocks?

Susan and Kitty are laughing all the way to the bank as they pick the Top 10 Joker Schemes in the DC Universe! Will they capture the true nature of the Clown Prince of Crime, or will their list be laughable?

Susan and Kitty are shining the spotlight on our Top 10 Underrated DC Characters! Will they pick some unsung heroes, or will there be no justice for the DC Universe?

Susan and Kitty have teamed up answered the call to find the Top 10 Superhero Headquarters! Will they make some super choices, or will this list be locked out without a key?

Susan and Kitty have searched the galaxy for the Top 10 Star Wars Background Aliens! Will the Force be with them, or will their choices be far, far away from the truth?

Top 10 Deadpool Deaths - Episode 005

Mon Apr 23 2018 (19:00)

The Merc with a Mouth takes over our Top 10 as Susan and Kitty count off the best Deadpool Deaths in comics. He just keeps coming back! Will we be able to assemble a list worthy of the regenerating degenerate?

Top 10 Thanos Appearances - Episode 004

Mon Apr 09 2018 (30:00)

Susan and Kitty have the titan-sized task of tackling the Top 10 Best Thanos Moments from across the Marvel universe! Will they agree on a list worthy of the Mad Titan, or will the Infinity Gauntlet have to be thrown down?

Susan and Kitty discuss the Top 10 Alien Homeworlds in Geek Culture- featuring planets from Star Wars, Star Trek, and more! Will their choices be out of this world, or are they lost in space?

Susan and Kitty pick their Top 10 Fictional Detectives- including super-sleuths from Marvel, DC, classic literature, and more! Will they crack the countdown case, or should they get a clue?

Susan and Kitty discuss their Top 10 Cats in Geek Culture- featuring cats from Marvel, DC, Saga, Harry Potter, and more! Will they agree on a purr-fect countdown?