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Nurturing Healthy Sexuality in Christ

EMC020 - House of the Risen Son

Sat Nov 17 2018 (17:01)

SMC019 - Spiritual Krav Maga

Sat Nov 10 2018 (18:12)

68 - Smells Like Esau with Bob Buss

Wed Nov 07 2018 (48:22)

SMC018 - No Brothers for the Brides

Sat Oct 27 2018 (17:48)

Our Daughters Need Men to Marry

SMC017 - God's Storylines

Sat Oct 20 2018 (14:07)

SMC016 - Discipline Equals Freedom

Sat Oct 13 2018 (11:55)

65 - Fizzy Water with Chris Driesbach

Wed Oct 10 2018 (45:16)

Music, Touring, and God's Enduring Grace

SMC015 - Holy Water

Sat Oct 06 2018 (12:58)

SMC014 - We're Broken Men

Sat Sep 29 2018 (13:30)

Growing Up in Milwaukee and the Lighthouse Youth Center

SMC013 - Play the Hand God Deals You

Sat Sep 22 2018 (10:12)

SMC12 - Grace Trumps Guilt

Sat Aug 18 2018 (08:54)

SMC11 - Football Matters

Sat Aug 11 2018 (17:57)

Looking at Issues of Sexuality as Christian Men

Building Rustic and Main, Blogging, Family, and Masculinity

SMC10 - Death is a Doorway

Sat Aug 04 2018 (13:50)

Dating, Parenting, Working, and Growing

55 - Ben Jeske: Boar Collector

Mon Jul 23 2018 (45:30)

Having Fun and Living Freely in God's Grace

53 - The Enigma with Ben Jeske

Mon Jul 16 2018 (45:03)

Childhood, Spankings, Minivans, Masculinity, and Faith

SMC08 - Give Me a Break!

Sat Jun 16 2018 (22:42)

3D Coaching, Reaching Kids at a Spiritual Level, and Growth and Development

SMC07 - Lipstick on a Pig

Sat May 19 2018 (11:45)

49 - Just Go Do It.

Mon May 14 2018 (45:37)

Manly Generosity, Discipline, Faith, Trust, and Fun with Kingdom Workers CEO Bill Meier

48 - Kingdom Workers with Bill Meier

Thu May 10 2018 (44:26)

47 - Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Mon May 07 2018 (49:15)

Farm Boys, Mission Fields, and Leadership with Kingdom Workers President Bill Meier

SMC06 - Bringing Order to Chaos

Sat May 05 2018 (13:39)

46 - Meatheads on a Mission

Thu May 03 2018 (01:07:18)

Football, Weightlifting, and Teaching with Nick Kressin

45 - How Far We've Come

Mon Apr 30 2018 (46:04)

A Look Back at the Best Moments of the Gird Up Podcast

SMC05 - Off the Straight and Narrow

Sat Apr 28 2018 (09:28)

A Meditation on Purpose and Value

44 - Preacher Curls

Mon Apr 23 2018 (44:53)

Discussions of Life and Manhood with Pastor Ben Reichel

SMC04 - The Man You Want to Be

Sat Apr 21 2018 (13:20)

42 - Two Years a Texan

Thu Apr 19 2018 (43:19)

Mission Work and Spiritual Health with Pastor Ben Reichel

41 - Workout Warriors

Mon Apr 16 2018 (35:32)

Health, Fitness, and Longevity with Pastor Ben Reichel


Sat Apr 14 2018 (11:08)

Walking in the Footsteps of the Perfect Man

40 - Be Like Boaz

Thu Apr 12 2018 (27:33)

Christian Manhood with Mark Paustian

39 - Smoothing Out Rough Edges

Mon Apr 09 2018 (30:38)

Marriage and Growing Up with Nick Kressin

SMC 02 - Stay in the Fight

Sat Apr 07 2018 (15:35)

Saturday Morning Encouragement

Learning, Reading, and Growing Each Day

37- Football Stories with Nick Kressin

Sun Mar 25 2018 (46:39)

Nick walks us through his childhood, football career, and reflections on sports, manhood, and coaching.

SMC01 - The Law

Sat Mar 17 2018 (13:28)

Saturday Morning Coffee Episode 1 - The Law

We rebel against the law--it's restrictive and limits our freedom. But we should celebrate the law, because it keeps us on the right path.

35 - Blue-Blooded with Larry Clark

Thu Mar 15 2018 (22:50)

Larry reminisces on his time serving the LaCrosse community as a police officer, his pistol shooting career, family, lessons learned, and the current state of American society.

Professor Mark Paustian is an instructor of Interpersonal Communication, Hebrew, and more at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN, a published author, has earned multiple advanced degrees and recognitions for his academic work. In this interview, we talk about his own quiet personality, his ministry, communication, relationship building, conversation, and more.

33 - Lawrence of the Finger Lakes

Thu Mar 08 2018 (27:34)

Meet Navy Corpsman, Police Officer, Staff Minister, and Marksman Larry Clark

Larry grew up on a farm in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, served as a Vietnam-Era Navy Corpsman, Police Officer, and Staff Minister. As a decorated marksman and dedicated Packer fan, he's had some adventures, and is full of stories--but his favorite story is the journey of faith that brought him into service to his beloved congregation.

32 - Walk Away

Mon Mar 05 2018 (17:06)

Walk the Walk of Faith

31 - Bear Every Weight

Fri Mar 02 2018 (37:28)

Moose talks about God's providence in his life, the military, sharing Jesus, and the person of Christ.

30 - Vince Hucek on Manhood

Wed Feb 28 2018 (40:36)

Talking Masculinity, Coaching, Risk-Taking, and More

29 - Are You For Real?

Mon Feb 26 2018 (18:14)

Examine Your Own Legitimacy

Too many people talk the talk but don't walk the walk--or worse, they don't even pretend. Tune in for a lesson in legitimacy that is sure to put you on a track towards the authentic life.

28 - Leukemia

Fri Feb 23 2018 (58:21)

Vince's Spiritual, Physical, and Familial Journey

27 - Embody Authenticity

Wed Feb 21 2018 (12:14)

26 - We Love Beer with Vince Hucek

Mon Feb 19 2018 (16:15)

Vince talks about cancer treatments, keeping busy, hobbies, and making some really good beer.

with Vince Hucek

The joys of fatherhood, masculinity in boys, and what Vince has learned about his Heavenly Father through being a dad.

A true wisconsinite, HS Teacher, coach, husband, father, leukemia survivor, and brew-master, Vince has a message to share with young men of faith.

23 - Well Built and Handsome

Mon Feb 12 2018 (25:53)

Workouts and Masculinity with Chester Reinemann

Girls and Dating with Chester Reinemann

21 - Build Your Boat

Wed Feb 07 2018 (11:15)

Understanding our greatest legacies are built not in moments, but over a lifetime.

We hear Chester's story, how he ended up at the Seminary, his thoughts on college, vocation, athletics, and roommates, and Chester shares a powerful testimony and personal statement of faith.

19 - Young MANdates

Fri Feb 02 2018 (12:57)

3 Things God Tells Us to Teach Young Men

In 1 Peter 5, Peter tells us to teach young men to be humble, self-controlled, and submissive to authority. Let's take a look at what that means.

18 - Yielded Vessels

Wed Jan 31 2018 (12:21)

God doesn't use the qualified, he uses the yielded.

Often we feel we are not worthy, capable, fit, or qualified for our roles in life. God doesn't see our failures, however. He sees us as his children, and uses us to do his good and perfect will--no matter what we've done.

17 - JESUS is Enough

Mon Jan 29 2018 (13:04)

A response to the "You are Enough" movement.

We are being told by those who care about us that we are enough. Reality says I am NOT enough--but Jesus is.

16 - Get Moving!

Fri Jan 26 2018 (17:04)

7 Easy Ways to "Gird Up!"

Looking to get started (or speed up) on the road to stronger, more genuine manhood? Here are 7 ways to get started.

15 - As Did My Fathers Before Me

Wed Jan 24 2018 (13:41)

What is your legacy? What will you become?

Charlie shares stories of his own family and the legacy of his grandfather, then discusses the concept of legacy and how it shapes our identities as men. What is your legacy? What will you become?

Guest Kevin Festerling talks candidly about his journey as a man, his struggles, victories, and lessons learned along the way about husbanding, fatherhood, and being a man of God. Kevin also updates us on his current endeavor, the Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School set to launch in the MKE area in 2018.

14 - (Anti)Social Media

Fri Jan 19 2018 (16:02)

Using Social Media the Right Way

In this episode we talk about the benefits and dangers of social media and walk through some easy ways to keep it clean and let your light shine on social media.

13 - Celibacy Part III: Do Dating Right

Wed Jan 17 2018 (18:33)

In this, the third episode examining Celibacy, we talk about how to date while remaining celibate. Tune in for tips, guidance, and hard earned wisdom on the do's and don't of christian dating.

12 - Celibacy Part II: Self-Mastery

Mon Jan 15 2018 (13:19)

12 - Celibacy Part II: Self-Mastery by Gird Up! P…

12 - Celibacy Part II: Self-Mastery by Gird Up! Podcast

11 - Celibacy Part 1: Porn Problems

Fri Jan 12 2018 (11:23)

11 - Celibacy Part 1: Porn Problems by Gird Up! P…

11 - Celibacy Part 1: Porn Problems by Gird Up! Podcast

10 - FYI...You're a Terrible Person

Wed Jan 10 2018 (10:55)

10 - FYI...You're a Terrible Person by Gird Up! P…

10 - FYI...You're a Terrible Person by Gird Up! Podcast

9 - Mr. Lonely

Mon Jan 08 2018 (16:50)

9 - Mr. Lonely by Gird Up! Podcast

8 - Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!

Fri Jan 05 2018 (15:26)

Instead of saying "I don't have time," try saying…

Instead of saying "I don't have time," try saying "Its not a priority," and see how that feels." It might be a cheesy Instagram quote, but its more true than it may appear.

Make sure you remember the real reason for the se…

Make sure you remember the real reason for the season--our own guilt and condemnation. But if you listen, you will hear the message of hope and peace upon which this season is built.

6 - All In

Wed Dec 20 2017 (14:03)

6 - All In by Gird Up! Podcast

5 - Baby, Don't Hurt Me!

Sun Dec 10 2017 (11:33)

5 - Baby, Don't Hurt Me! by Gird Up! Podcast

4-I Don't Know How to Spell Obcessed.

Mon Nov 20 2017 (15:42)

4-I Don't Know How to Spell Obcessed. by Gird Up!…

4-I Don't Know How to Spell Obcessed. by Gird Up! Podcast

3-I Talked to a Cute Girl

Sun Nov 19 2017 (15:55)

3-I Talked to a Cute Girl by Gird Up! Podcast

2-Remember Who You Are

Sun Nov 19 2017 (14:51)

2-Remember Who You Are by Gird Up! Podcast

1-Whose Side Are You On?

Sun Nov 19 2017 (12:52)

1-Whose Side Are You On? by Gird Up! Podcast