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Latest Episode2019-3-19

48 – Are We Forgetting Soft Skills Online?

Leading with a sales pitch doesn’t work in person, so why do people keep trying it online? Brian Mack, a 2019 HIMSS Social Media Ambassador, shares why soft skills apply just as much in our digital interactions because success in marketing still very much depends on building relationships. All that, plus the current state of health IT brand experience, immortal advice from Dale Carnegie, and the app that sings your texts.

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48 – Are We Forgetting Soft Skills Online?

Personal digital interactions make or break health IT brand experiences

47 – Are You Underrating Human Behavior?

Don't lose sight of what you're asking

46 – How Is Tech Making Healthcare More Human?

Tech is finally improving life, not getting in the way

45 – What’s Next for the Pharmacy Business?

Game-changing innovations aren’t far off

44 – How Does Cleveland Clinic Win With Content?

Content + data wins, just not the data you think

43 – How Are Best Practices Hurting You?

Escape the confines of conventional thinking

42 – Is There a Downside to Measuring Everything?

Not every data point leads directly to business outcomes