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Latest Episode2019-2-19

44 – How Does Cleveland Clinic Win With Content?

Cleveland Clinic’s Amanda Todorovich discusses the current state of healthcare content marketing and tips for younger professionals to develop in their careers. Data is important, but not necessarily the data you think, and soft skills play a bigger part than ever in succeeding with healthcare content because of the personalities involved. All that, plus how water bottles are all the rage with the kids these days.

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44 – How Does Cleveland Clinic Win With Content?

Content + data wins, just not the data you think

43 – How Are Best Practices Hurting You?

Escape the confines of conventional thinking

42 – Is There a Downside to Measuring Everything?

Not every data point leads directly to business outcomes

41 – Can Marketing Make People Healthier?

Don’t just sell to consumers; educate them

40 – What Can Healthcare Learn from Jay Baer?

Wit & wisdom from one of marketing & CX’s most trusted names

39 – Are We Thinking About Brands Backwards?

Brand awareness no longer matters, but brand relevance is everything

38 – What About the Naysayers?

Resist the urge to serve the largest possible audience