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Ignoring martech can be a titanic failure

If business is an iceberg, marketing is the sliver showing above the water. Below the surface, there are technologies and data we often don’t think about but are crucial to our success now. Peter and Jared help you steer your ship away from disaster with a discussion about how to get started paying attention to your tech stack. Special thanks to True North Custom for partnering with us to spread the awesome, yo! Check out this free exclusive download only for our listeners, Content + Automation: ...

Content marketing 2.0 is all about trust

Fresh in more ways than one, Peter reports live from Content Marketing World. He and Jared drop it like it’s hot with trends that may surprise you. Is content marketing easy? Does all content need to be snackable? Keep it real, along with the newest segment, Shout Out. Special thanks to True North Custom for partnering with us to spread the awesome, yo! Check out this free exclusive download only for our listeners, Content + Automation: The Modern Marketing Power Couple.

Don’t dis math and science, y'all

When a child wins the 6th grade science fair, no one tells them, “Congrats! You’re going to make a great marketer one day!” But maybe we should. The days of science and liberal arts being at opposite ends of the career spectrum are fading away, replaced with a call for curious minds willing to continually experimental in every aspect of marketing and communications. Special thanks to True North Custom for partnering with us to spread the awesome, yo! Check out this free exclusive download only f ...

So few are still doing content marketing right

Everyone is doing content marketing effectively these days, right? You wish! Jared and Peter discuss 3 reasons why it can still be a struggle and how to overcome them. Being realistic about the definition, execution and measurement of content marketing are keys to long-term success.Special thanks to True North Custom for partnering with us to spread the awesome, yo! Check out this free exclusive download only for our listeners, Content + Automation: The Modern Marketing Power Couple.

20 friends tell how far healthcare marketing has changed

It’s probably illegal to pack this much AWESOME into a single podcast, but Jared and Peter aren’t exactly known for following the rules. Major props to YOU – the POSSE – for coming through in a major way and offering your best career advice for new marketers. No matter how far along in your career, you’ll hear so much wisdom in this episode that you can’t help but turn it into memes.Special thanks to True North Custom for partnering with us to spread the awesome, yo! Check out this free exclusiv ...

17 - Is Social Media on Autopilot?

Wed Aug 15 2018 (28:29)

Striking the right balance between tech & humans

While Haders gonna hate, Jared and Peter discuss whether we still need humans in social media marketing now that we have so many tools to automate it. How much of the social media pie do you leave for engagement? The more important question is if more than one goose is geese, why isn’t more than one moose called meese? All that, plus the world debut of Jared’s latest rap, You Can’t Say That.

How to get ahead when team structures don’t stay the same

It’s getting real, ladies and gentlemen. No matter how much marketers scale up with their skills, they can only make so much progress when their team structure keeps evolving. Have changing org charts been a challenge for you or your team? Join the discussion about how to keep your footing when the ground keeps moving beneath you.

Is the budget really to blame?

Looking in the mirror can be hard, but we have to in order to understand how to move forward. Does our expertise – our history and experience – actually limit our ability to change and innovate? Once again, the men challenge the status quo and call for a new way of thinking. And we can't just blame the budget.

How do we become nimble enough to act?

Like the rebirth of slick, Triple B returns and is cool like dat! Peter and Jared discuss four tips for evaluating which new technologies your marketing team should pursue. Are there exceptions to always putting strategies ahead of tactics? Being nimble might sound easy, but we all know it’s as touch as a beat from Flavor Flav. What you really want to know is whether “electric cars” is one word or two. And most importantly, can Jared keep his man card if he really has 9,600 Pinterest followers?

How do we take the first step?

Unless we start seeing ourselves differently, we’re going to become irrelevant. Bold words from a bold man. Guest co-host Dan Dunlop, prolific healthcare marketer and president of Jennings, throws it down by challenging the assumption that marketers don't need to get involved with developing innovative technology. Care coordination, pop health and the return of the Top Hat of Marketing Awesomeness punctuate this episode. Plus real tales from the cactus rescue scene and a special note to naysayer ...

We have better things to do; right??

The rap doesn’t miss a beat thanks to guest co-host James Gardner, Market + Business Development Director at MedTouch. When it comes to electronic health records, James lays it down like it’s nobody’s business. He’s like a genie, and his three key reasons why every healthcare marketer should become intimately familiar with EHRs are better than being granted three wishes!Plus, his first attempt at freestyle is LEGIT! If you don’t think you need to concern yourself with EHRs, check your head and t ...

Shall we keep ripping off the Band-Aid?

Eight more unpopular opinions are headed your way, with contributions from influencers including Kyra Hagan, Kate McCarthy, Jim Samuel and Don Lee. Whether you’re like Aaron Fox listening to this program from a pristine beach on South Padre Island or tuning in while Grandma shares a batch of cookies fresh from the oven, join Peter and Jared as they put hype to the test and the status quo to rest. This week’s topics range from embracing cloud data to “ubiquitous, semantic interoperability” to the ...

Can we agree to disagree?

It’s getting Hot in Herre! Jared and Peter blaze through 10 unpopular opinions about healthcare marketing and technology, launching debates about everything from Yelp to sharing journey maps to swarms of locusts. Be prepared to disagree and voice your own opinions on LinkedIn or Twitter, @healthcarerap. All of your burning questions are answered, including why a Sesame Street jingle is part of this week’s program, and whether we prefer Twizzlers or Red Vines. Hopefully this episode doesn’t start ...

How do we manage our brand by putting it in others peoples’ hands?

Master J and Triple B are back at it, dropping reality checks that they want you to cash. We are past the days of merely monitoring online reviews, so how do we take full advantage of this gold mine of opportunities to connect with brand advocates? How do you create your story and hand it off to others to tell it for you?Join the #MarketingInfluence movement by giving a shout out to a fellow marketer who has influenced you. Then guess what viewpoints will come out of the Mythical Top Hat of Mark ...

8 - How Do We Start Marketing Forward?

Wed May 23 2018 (25:25)

How do we create a culture of innovation?

Technology and buzzwords won’t help in this episode. It’s time to launch into orbit and do something new. Gone are the days of throwing technology at people problems, of failing to gain buy-in for pushing the envelope, and for only thinking about what happens if things go wrong. Don’t settle for red lights. Don’t settle for safety and comfort. It’s time to stop marketing backwards.

Should Marketing really touch every patient touch point?

The digital health experience is a sum of so many tiny touch points now, nearly all of which occur at a time other than when you’re at the clinic. Marketing can’t own them all, but we also can’t think our job is done by handing things off to other teams without setting them up for success. We can’t assume that we have to keep doing what we’ve done in the past; in fact, everyone loses if all we do is pile on to what we’re already doing.All this, plus the podcast debut of Jared’s rap “I’m So Healt ...

Just new patients and customers?

Don’t assume that we know whom we should be marketing to in healthcare just yet. Triple B and Master J discuss how target audiences have changed and how marketers too frequently ignore current patients and customers. An article from Forbes by Alyssa Kleinman spurs a discussion about pivoting our messaging when marketing a continuum of care. The boys give a shout out to a friend of the podcast and then explore how to make sure that current patients and customers are at least as important as new o ...

Where do marketing and medicine meet?

It's another party for your eardrums! Marketing and medicine can sometimes find themselves at odds, but rethinking the value of the relationship can turn things around. Why do surgeons who can perform masterful procedures get in front of a video camera and suddenly become a deer in the headlights? Why do we try to market healthcare technology in a vacuum?Jared and Peter discuss the keys to improving relationships with medical professionals while celebrating their 5th episode and discussing the U ...

Is advertising a necessary evil?

Jared and Peter are on a quest to change the messaging of healthcare advertising, starting by eradicating the word "multidisciplinary" from existence! Now that we have been marketing directly to patients for many years, what should we be telling them? We have more complicated messages than ever, with more limited space and time to reach anyone. Is it progress, or a recipe for frustration? What are the keys? And what does Apple's announcement of opening primary care clinics have to do with anythi ...

3 - Do Marketers Really Need Data?

Tue Apr 17 2018 (23:55)

How do we get comfortable with analytics?

Breakin’ it down like they’re clowning around! Jared and Peter discuss how to bite the bullet and get comfortable with analytics. Should we stay focused on old-school metrics like followers and reach, or has marketing data evolved? Take your next steps down the road of making analytics part of your everyday life – it doesn’t have to be scary!Get comfortable with a little help from Moneyball, the story of former Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane, who one day realized that baseball was ...

2 - What is the Marketer's Job?

Tue Apr 10 2018 (24:56)

Is it more than managing advertising?

Do marketers play the same role they did 10 years ago, or even 2 years ago? Expectations have evolved rapidly, and so must roles within healthcare organizations. In this week’s episode, Jared and Peter explore how marketers are expected to the best in class … in every class! It starts with learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable, because a marketer’s role will keep changing. To close out, the boys’ freestyle segment looks at a couple points of view that marketers typically avoid.

1 - Is Healthcare Marketing Dead?

Mon Apr 02 2018 (22:42)

If it's still alive, should we kill it?

Don't miss a beat of healthcare's newest craze! Get a glimpse of the future of healthcare marketing with veteran podcaster Jared Johnson and new co-host Peter Balistrieri, who extend an entertaining invitation to become change agents in your organizations. The two current hospital marketers challenge the thought that healthcare marketing is dead and discuss how best practices are changing as a result of advances in digital engagement.Is this "The End of Advertising As We Know It" as stated by Fo ...