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Latest Episode2019-1-15

39 – Are We Thinking About Brands Backwards?

Paul Szablowski, well-known consultant and former SVP of brand experience for Texas Health Resources, helps unravel the difference between brands that understand customer experience and those that are falling behind. What’s the difference between brand awareness and brand relevance? Health systems and care systems? Agencies that win clients and agencies that are going about sales all wrong? All that, plus the economics of delight and how clients choose agencies.

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39 – Are We Thinking About Brands Backwards?

Brand awareness no longer matters, but brand relevance is everything

38 – What About the Naysayers?

Resist the urge to serve the largest possible audience

37 – What Does It Take to Succeed in MedTech Today?

Best advice for medtech marketers: stop marketing!

36 – Where Are We Now?

It’s time to take action, not just listen.

35 – Can’t All Generations Just Get Along?

Ask yourself these 4 questions before saying “No” to "New"

34 – May We Have Your Attention?

Winning in the New Attention Economy

33 – Do You Understand Consumerism Yet?

The definition continues to evolve