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#116. Building on Good Habits (Keystone Habits)

Season 2, Ep. 11

Habits are not all made equal. Some have the power to start a chain-reaction and cause ripple effects of positive change in our lives. Others have less of an effect. Charles Duhigg in his book – The Power of Habit – talks to the impact identifying and focusing on your Keystone habits can have in your life.

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I like the easiest route to positive change in life, and utilizing the power of keystone habits is one way we can minimize effort and up the positive momentum in our lives. Rather than relying on willpower, if we can focus on a couple of formative habits and harness their power.

In this episode we cover:

  • What a Keystone habit is
  • How the ripple-effect of positivity plays out
  • Examples of keystone habits
  • How you can identify your own keystone habits

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