#100. Emma Mildon: The Evolution of Goddess

Fri Jul 06 2018 (40:05)

Emma Mildon is such a gorgeous soul! She is real, grounded, fired-up and honest. She is the bestselling author of The Soul Searchers Handbook, and this is her second time back on Here to Thrive! You can check her out at #9 too :).

Her new book, The Evolution of Goddess, is mesmerizing and the first book to give me a spiritual gut-punch in I don't know how long.

In this conversation we're talking about so much, including:

  • How it is time women burned their spiritual training bras, because the world doesn't have time for cute
  • How we have full permission and are worthy enough of our biggest dreams
  • How our gut knowing is one of our greatest gifts
  • What the world needs is more women supporting women
  • And how we must turn inward as we walk forward in our evolution.

You can grab your copy of The Evolution of Goddess here: https://amzn.to/2tXAUrv

To learn more about Emma Mildon and her upcoming book launch events, head here: www.emmamildon.com