#101. Willpower: How to Maximize Your Self-Discipline

Fri Jul 13 2018 (17:18)

Do you kick yourself because you always seem to take the path of least resistance and wonder if you have any willpower or self-discipline at all? I'm the first to admit that I'm not the most disciplined person I know, but I do a bunch of things that allow me to maximize the impact of my willpower, and support myself in a positive way.

In this episode I'm giving you a quick rundown of some of the theory around Willpower (and I'll say, it is very intuitive) and also outlining 4 simple ways you can maximize your self-discipline.

Among other things, this episode covers:

  • Why it is important not to waste our willpower
  • The power of "bookending" your day with morning and evening routines
  • How being preemptive in our thinking allows us to minimize the need to make decisions in the moment, and in turn, rely on willpower
  • And how we're all likely to have less willpower later in the day.

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