#27. Guru Jagat - Invincible Living + Kundalini Yoga

Fri Jan 06 2017 (29:44)

In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Guru Jagat - a renowned Yogi. Alicia Keys has described her style as "modern, relatable, and very doable." 

In this interview, we discuss her desire to spread the message of Kundalini to the masses. She does so through RA MA TV which streams her classes online and also in line with this mission, she is just about to release her very first book - Invincible Living. 

Specifically in this podcast episode we talk through: 

  • How real fitness incorporates the physical as well the emotional and mental
  • How there are 80 million people in the US alone who want to try Yoga this year
  • What Kundalini Yoga teaches
  • How Kundalini differs from other forms of Yoga
  • How approaching life like you are "on assignment" can help you find what you're looking for
  • The model of Obey, Serve, Love, Excel
  • How to have a Sacred Outlook

To learn more about Guru Jagat, her Yoga Centers head to www.ramayogainstitute.com or www.gurujagat.com

To learn more about how to access RA MA TV head to www.rama-tv.com

To purchase Invincible Living, search any good bookseller or get it from Amazon here: Amazon Invincible Living

To see Alicia Keys talk about Guru Jagat on ET you can peak over here: 



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