#38. Future You + Why That is Even Important

Fri Mar 31 2017 (16:14)

This episode I'm talking why it's important to consider a Future Vision for yourself. Change is a constant, and yet most of us underestimate how much we do change! If we're not in the driving seat, setting our course, life has a tendency to just happen to us.

Here I'm going deeper into:

  • How it's easy to look backward, but looking forward requires us to look inside
  • The difference between Therapy vs. Coaching
  • What life is like when you're on the Offense rather than on the Defence
  • And how taking the time to think about your future breeds possibility (and possibility contains a spark of magic in my mind! ;))

I reference Dan Gilbert's TED talk, The Psychology of Your Future Self: https://www.ted.com/talks/dan_gilbert_you_are_always_changing

I also refer to an article I find useful in describing the difference between Therapy & Coaching by Patrick Williams. You can download a copy of that here: http://www.cce-global.org/Assets/BCC/Resources/CoachingvsPsychologyTheGreatDebate.pdf

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