#48. Our Emotional Frequency + Levels of Consciousness

Fri Jul 14 2017 (24:32)

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This episode I'm offering a high-level overview of David Hawkin's Levels of Consciousness Theory. It's a theory that outlines differing levels of emotional frequencies and posits that the way we experience life can be relayed back to our dominant level of consciousness.

We also talking through 3 ways you can start to move in a positive direction. It starts with identifying how you feel, and learning to tune in and self-reflect. Once you can recognize how you feel, you're in a better position to consciously choose if it is working for you.

David Hawkin's levels Consciousness levels list:

  • 20: Shame
  • 30: Guilt
  • 50: Apathy
  • 75: Grief
  • 100: Fear
  • 125: Desire
  • 150: Anger
  • 175: Pride
  • 200: Courage
  • 250: Neutrality (detached)
  • 310: Willingness
  • 350: Acceptance
  • 400: Reason
  • 500: Love
  • 540: Joy
  • 600: Peace
  • 700-1000: Enlightenment


The Consciousness Map takes it a step further. (https://www.healyourlife.com/a-clear-map-to-your-spiritual-enlightenment):

To read more info, this post is also useful: http://personality-development.org/theories-personality-development/david-hawkins

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