#53. Arien Smith - Thriving + Mental Illness

Fri Aug 18 2017 (53:08)

This is a meaningful and wise conversation that opened my eyes in more ways than one. It made me re-think some of the ways the self-help movement has marginalized those who are looking to thrive while living with a mental illness, and helped me feel more empowered around what inclusive self-development includes.

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Arien Smith is thriving while living with mental illness. He is also a Life Coach and host of an incredibly inspiring online TV show - Arien Inspires (aptly named!!) - where he talks through practical ways that people can thrive while living with mental illness.

This episode, among other things includes:

  • How simply trusting yourself to get through things (even when they're not easy) empowers you
  • How many self-help messages inadvertently marginalize those living with a mental illness
  • Aliveness and the power of feeling, rather than closing off emotions
  • How happiness isn't always a choice
  • Why feeling broken is nothing to be ashamed of
  • How you can be completely afraid and courageous at the same time
  • How your pain can shape you in a positive way
  • How self-discovery and spirituality can go hand-in-hand
  • How you can have wellness and a mental illness at the same time
  • How not loving yourself doesn't make you unloveable

And SO much more! This is jammed full of ah-ha's and insights.

We talked about his favorite episode of Arien Inspires so far being - Authenticity & Feeling Broken. Here is the direct link: http://uncoveryourjoy.com/authenticity-self-love-feeling-broken/

Arien's website is www.uncoveryourjoy.com

His facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arieninspires/

Instagram etc. @ArienInspires

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