#32. 3 Tips to Help You Improve Your Relationship

Fri Feb 17 2017 (18:20)

We all want a happy relationship with our significant, but the reality is, relationships aren't always easy! Marriage counseling isn't always an option, and a healthy relationship does take two partners who want to make it work. But if you're wanting some tips on what you can do from your side to help your relationship thrive, I'm sharing 3 things that are within your control here. These 3 simple tips that can help keep your relationship feeling happy, healthy and insulated against the hard times, and stop you needing to cry out for marriage help!

And if you're single, but hope to one day be one-half of a successful pairing, this is also a must listen. If you start a relationship off with these three things in mind, you'll set yourself up right from the start. 

In this episode I'm talking through:

  • The importance of recognizing how your happiness contributes to your relationship satisfaction
  • The 5.1 ratio that research indicates is all important in the health of your relationship
  • Relationship gratitude and how it can help you reframe things
  • And how to "nurture" your relationship and why that is even important

If you'd like to read more about the relationship research I mention, you can look up the researcher, Dr. John Gottman. 

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