#31. A Matter of Mindset - A Simple Hack to Help You Feel More Empowered

Fri Feb 10 2017 (21:25)

This episode I'm borrowing from psychology and talking through a simple concept that can have big impacts on how you approach the world. I'm taking the theory and making it relevant at an individual level to help you foster a positive mindset. I want to help you remember the power you have to create your own life.

This is modern spirituality mixed with self-help. I'm talking through the theory rooted in fact and contextualizing it deeply with my views on spirituality - because if I can buy into something at a soul level, I always find it more meaningful. 

This episode specifically goes over: 

  • The difference between the world happening to you, and you happening to the world
  • A psychological concept called Locus of Control
  • How this one idea can have such a big impact on your mindset
  • Why your mindset matters anyway
  • How I believe Earth is a Soul-School and why that is relevant
  • And ultimately, tools that can help you change your mindset and feel more empowered

I talk through a story of a man Waiting For God to Save Him in this episode. If you'd like a summary of that in web-form, head over here: http://epistle.us/inspiration/godwillsaveme.html 

For more information about my coaching or the Affirmations that I talk through in this episode, head to www.thrive.how/podcast31