#30. Lisa Veit, the Modern Magdalene: Past Lives, Regression & Soul Healing

Fri Feb 03 2017 (01:06:53)

I think you'll hear me say "this is fun" more than a few times in here! It really was such an insightful and interesting conversation with Lisa. 

Lisa Veit is the woman behind The Modern Magdalene. She is a Spiritual Counselor, Regression Therapist & Speaker. She stood out to me because I have always been fascinated by Past Life Regression. 

In our conversation we talk about: 

  • Past Life Regression - and what that even is
  • The healing power of past life discovery
  • Some of Lisa's personal past lives
  • Mary Magdalene, her energy and who she was in history
  • How watching our thoughts can help us tune into our higher selves

To find Lisa, you can visit her at her web-home: www.themodernmagdalene.com

She is also on Instagram & Facebook @themodernmagdalene


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