#26. How to Cultivate Success & Deeper Happiness in the New Year

Fri Dec 23 2016 (23:33)

It's almost that time of year again - where we all start thinking about what we want the next one to be like. 

To help you set yourself up for successful I'm talking you through a 4 part process for planning how you want to approach 2017. Those planning stages are: 

  • Review
  • Feel
  • Commit (Identify Actions)
  • Plan

In this episode I'm talking through that process in depth, and using my own 2017 planning to illustrate how it can work. 

To help you out in making 2017 a year of intention, success and happiness, I've put together a free download - The 2017 Life Planning Kit. It follows the sequence I outline here and gives you a bunch of printable pages to help you apply it to your life. 

To get your free copy of The Life Planning Kit head to: www.thrive.how/2017

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