#20: Cultivating Hope & Possibility

Fri Nov 11 2016 (24:04)

This week I'm talking about the how essential Hope is in our pursuit of thriving, fulfilling and happy lives. 

I discuss:

  • How we can understand Hope
  • Why it is essential to our well-being
  • The simple 3-part framework that talks us through the facets of hopeful behavior
  • How you can cultivate a more hopeful attitude in your own life


For an easy reading blog on my site that you can save to remember these ideas: http://www.thrive.how/i-believe-in-possibility/

To download the free worksheet I mention to help you apply these principles to your life, head my my website: www.thrive.how/podcast20

I talk about Synder's Hope theory. If you'd like to read an academic article about that, head over here: https://teachingpsychology.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/hope-theory.pdf