#18: Rebecca Campbell - Lightworkers, Soul Callings & the Rising Feminine

Fri Oct 28 2016 (54:01)

I’m honored to have our guest Rebecca Campbell with us today. Rebecca a bestselling author, spiritual teacher, grounded spiritual mentor and soulful guide. Bestselling author of Light Is The New Black, Rebecca has guided thousands of women to listen to the callings of their soul and create a life that is completely aligned to them. Her second book Rise Sister Rise has also just launched!

I consider Rebecca to be a personal mentor of mine. I read her first book, Light is the New Black, and it resonated with me at a deep soul level. I couldn’t put it down, and I cried happy tears of remembering and empowerment as I read her heart-stirring words. I also went on to have a session with Rebecca just as I was about to launch my business, Thrive.How. She helped calm my fears about putting myself out there and has played an integral part in me having the courage to step into my power and help shine my light into this world.

We cover:

  • Rebecca's Personal Journey
  • Being a sensitive soul
  • What an Empath is
  • What an Lightworker is and does
  • The rising Feminine Energy
  • The Age of Light


Rebecca can be found at www.RebeccaCampbell.me

Rise Sister Rise Sisterhood: www.rebeccacampbell.me/sisterhood

Rebecca on Instagram: https://instagram.com/rebeccathoughts

Rebecca on Facebook: www.facebook.com/rebeccathoughts


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