#14: 3 Things I Needed to Hear When I was Feeling Lost & Confused in Life

Fri Sep 30 2016 (21:44)

In this episode, I'm giving you 3 things that I needed to hear during the times in my life when I felt lost and confused. 

We all have these periods. They are a part of the journey that is life. Sometimes we won't know which way to turn, or how to help heal our broken hearts. 

My hope is that this episode will:

- Soothe your heart, with 3 mantras to help support you through the tough times

- Help you feel less alone, as I share my stories of feeling lost in life

- Give you guidance on how you can start to help yourself


I mention the free Here to Thrive facebook group. If you'd like to join, jump over here: www.facebook.com/groups/heretothrive

I also talk about writing yourself a letter. For more instructions on how to get going with that, head over the my website: www.thrive.how/podcast14