#12: How Are You Spending Your Energy?

Fri Sep 16 2016 (17:09)

This episode I'm challenging you to look at your energy as a precious currency, and truly ask yourself - how am I using it?

I'm asking you to up the accountability and get intentional with how you are spending your time, as well as giving you some guidelines about how to avoid wasting your precious energy. 

This episode specifically covers: 


  • Understanding Our Energy as a Currency (precious, limited)
  • The difference between Energy Restoring & Energy Draining activities
  • How to avoid wasting our precious energy
  • Desire for the Good Life 
  • Power of Awareness
  • Routine is Your Friend
  • How important it is to stop and ask yourself:
  • What do I want more of?
  • What do I need less of?


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