#7: Stress: Recognizing When it is Too Much & How to Cope (Part 2)

Fri Aug 12 2016 (43:43)

In this podcast I discuss how to recognize when stress is too much, and answer listener’s questions to demonstrate some practical coping strategies.



Specifically, this podcast covers the following:

  • The physical symptoms of stress to watch for
  • Psychological symptoms
  • Changes in behavior associated with stress
  • The difference between acute vs. chronic stress
  • That stress is just a warning sign that something is out of balance
  • Help you recognize where you have the power to change things
  • How People-Pleasing can lead to high levels of stress
  • How to deal with the stress of wanting to uncover your purpose or passion
  • How to manage the stress of multi-tasking


I also talk about the power of belly breathing, trusting that you are right where you are supposed to be, the power of our social networks, and that we need to truly prioritize our well-being and psychological health if we are going to live a happy, balanced life.


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The additional reading:

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