#1: Introduction to Here to Thrive. What You Can Expect.

Thu Jul 28 2016 (10:31)

I believe our lives are about growth and living up to our full potential. I don’t believe we are here to merely survive, I truly believe we are here to thrive. Here to Thrive: Tips for a Happier Life is a podcast to helping you do just that. 

I’m a New Zealander living in the USA. I moved here in 2013 and currently call Houston, TX home. I started my coaching practice out of my deep desire to make this world a brighter place. That is my why. And I don’t think anyone would deny that the world could do with a giant dose of love right now.

Through this podcast I will share with you tools, resources and ideas that I hope will inspire you to live the happiest and brightest version of your own life.

Here to Thrive, the podcast, is a reflection of me. I have a background in a psychology, and a personal love for positive psychology or the Science of Happiness. I am also a deeply spiritual person, and discuss that more in episode 2. When I say spiritual, I don’t mean religious. I believe in connection with our soul-selves and living from a place of authenticity and alignment. I believe we are all searching for the deep sense of meaning and fulfillment.

Each podcast will have a focus on practical points that you can take back and apply to your own life. Then every 5th episode I’ll also be hosting a guest who I feel can add something a little extra to the conversation.

Here to Thrive; the podcast – will be full of tips, ideas and discussions that will all be focused on helping you live the happiest life you can. I hope you enjoy it! Kate xx