#64. Emily Esfahani Smith - A Meaningful Life

Fri Oct 27 2017 (44:03)

Emily Esfahani Smith is an expert on the meaningful life. Here we're talking through how how meaningful life doesn't have to be an extraordinary life. As she asserts, most of us will live a fairly ordinary lives but there is still huge amounts of meaning to be found in the everyday experiences of being human.

Emily is author of the book - The Power of Meaning.

She is also a speaker, and has an incredibly moving and popular TED talk - There is More to Life than Being Happy

In this episode we cover:

  • The difference between a happy life and a meaningful life
  • Why pursuing happiness doesn't appear to be enough
  • The 4 Pillars of meaning that she uncovered while researching her book
  • How you can apply these pillars to your own life and mine it for meaning
  • The influence that the stories we tell ourselves about our pasts can have on us
  • and the impact of a Contamination story vs. a Redemptive story

To learn more about Emily you can head to her website, www.emilyesfahanismith.com

To learn more about the host, Kate Snowise head to: www.thrive.how