#67. When We’re Listening to Our Authentic Self

Fri Nov 17 2017 (18:14)

In this ep. I'm diving into the cliche self-help topic that I have an ABSOLUTE love, yet slight disdain for - Authenticity.

I love it, because I believe it is one of the essential keys to living a fulfilling, and wholly happy life. I dislike it, because I think it is thrown around and misunderstood.

Today, I'm talking deep authenticity. The stuff when we feel like we're connected and living from our own inner-wisdom. Specifically this ep covers:

  • A definition of Authenticity - have to start with what it actually IS
  • The pre-requisites to authenticity - how to start becoming more authentic
  • 5 attributes that indicate connection with your authentic self.

I mention the freebie on my website - 21 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery. You can download that here: http://www.thrive.how/free/