#82. PEP TALK: A Positive Manifesto for the Tough Days

Fri Mar 02 2018 (10:44)

This is a little pep talk that you can listen to over and over again. The type of listen that I hope you will come back to when you need a reminder of your strength and of your power.

It's for:

  • The days and the times when you feel like life has kicked you in the guts
  • When you feel uncertain about your future
  • For soothing your heart when it's broken
  • Reminding you that perfect isn't the goal, you're not behind, and that you're more powerful than you think.

It is a positive manifesto, but real, heartfelt and not glossy. Life isn't easy some days, but you've got this.

I reference Lucy Kalanithi in this episode. I heard her statement in her interview with Kate Bower on the podcast - Everything Happens.

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