#86: Why Do You Get Up Every Morning?

Fri Mar 30 2018 (11:55)

It's another play it again episode! If you want to live a deeply fulfilling life, you can't afford not to dive deeply into yourself.

This episode made a splash when I released it the first time, and it's also one of my favs. It's hard hitting goodness. I'm going deep in these 12 min asking you - What Matters to You? What is Your Why?

I'm talking about getting to your core using Simon Sinek's idea of Starting with Why.

Here's the blog post I reference of mine:


Linds Reeding - A Short Lesson in Perspective


The questions I challenge you to answer:

  • What matters most to you?
  • What do you believe in?
  • What would make you so very proud of yourself?
  • Finally, are you living in alignment with these things or getting closer to them?
  • Why? Why are you doing what you do? Why does it matter to you?

If you enjoyed this and haven't yet listened to April Seifert's recent episode - #81. Stop Living by Default - listen to that to really hit this message home! https://www.thrive.how/podcast81/