#73. Kate talking Emotional Intelligence, Personality, Values & More

Fri Dec 29 2017 (01:00:54)

This episode, I’m in the hot seat! My coaching bud Andrea Featherstone is interviewing me. (see projectself.com.au & the ep. here on Deconstructing Mindfulness for more of her!!) She asked, and I took her up on the offer.

And I gave her free reign. I was fascinated to hear what she was interested in talking to me about! This episode includes:

-      A discussion on what my name actually is

-      How I got into Psychology

-      My background as Corporate Psychologist

-      Why I get angsty around the type-indicator personality assessments sometimes

-      How you can become more Emotionally Intelligent

-      Why Personal Values are amazing as guiding lights in our lives

-      My kids

-      The secret lives on trees

-      And so much more!

It was seriously fun.

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