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Episode 3

Thu Aug 31 2017 (37:50)

Women in Horror

In this episode we discuss women in horror with our in-studio guest Dr Alison Peirse (University of York) and our interview guest Kat Ellinger (Editor-in-Chief of Diabolique magazine). We also consider the film Prevenge (Alice Lowe, 2016).

Horror Lab Autopsy

Mon Jul 24 2017 (11:22)


On 6th July 2017, the Guardian newspaper published an article entitled "How Post-Horror Movies are Taking Over Cinema". The article's author (Steve Rose) claimed that a new subgenre is forming: "post-horror". We discuss the notion of "post-horror" with Nia Edwards-Behi who is the co-director of the Abertoir Film Festival and a regular contributor to Warped Perspective ( is the first of a series of shorter episodes - Autopsies - in which we interview specialists ...

Episode 2

Tue Jun 20 2017 (35:49)

Bride of Frankenstein and the Gothic

In this episode, we discuss Bride of Frankenstein (James Whale, 1935), we interview Xavier Aldana Reyes (Manchester Metropolitan University) about "the Gothic", and Russ discusses his work on the Italian lost film The Monster of Frankenstein (Eugenio Testa, 1921).

Episode 1

Sat May 06 2017 (29:07)

Candyman and 90s Horror

In this episode we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Candyman (Bernard Rose, 1992), discussing the film's depictions of race and place, and then talking about 1990s horror more broadly.