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Latest Episode2019-2-13

Designing Workplaces to Support Healthy Human Interaction- Ricardo Peralta and Vladic Roskin

Have you ever walked into a workplace, perhaps yours, and felt 'off'? Or noticed that you feel better when you're not at work? Architects Ricardo Peralta and Vladic Roskin are dedicated to changing that feeling by designing workspaces people love. By paying attention to sound, light, flow, green spaces and the tone and mood, they've found that companies benefit. In this conversation we talk about environmental physics and how you design workspaces as a strategic decision.

Healthy human interaction relies not just on personal and interpersonal skills but also on the way the space supports interaction. In Decision Making for Dummies I included the reported statistic from a large drug manufacturer that decision-making speed and accuracy improved 47% when consideration was given to people flow.

Vladic Roskin  is an architect who believes that, at its best, architecture has the unparalleled ability to implicitly influence our behaviours - how we feel, think and engage with others. He is the co-founder at design and innovation consultancy Places People Love that supports leaders in transforming their organizations, environments and people by understanding human interactions with technology, culture and physical space. Fascinated by the various ways our built environment can stimulate a deeper engagement with ourselves and others, Vladic has cultivated a deep passion for human nature enriched by nearly a decade of architectural design experience. His collaborations with renowned architects, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and social enterprises resulted in successful projects in the private and public sphere.

Vladic holds a masters degree in engineering sciences and architecture and is on a life-long quest to uncover the mysteries of the human mind. His work is supported by a decade of research and personal experiences living across cultures, travelling to awe-inspiring places and encounters with visionary individuals.

Ricardo Peralta is an architect and an urban planner passionate about integrating different disciplines with ancient wisdom to create spaces that nurture and heal. His explorations have led him from design to interdisciplinary healing forms; from organizational strategy to deeper practices of spiritual development. He has participated in the design of numerous large-scale projects, residential and commercial developments, office complexes, eco-resorts, eco-communities, and retreat centers. He was also part of a team that created three entirely new cities based on an innovative holistic approach to urban planning and wellbeing.

Ricardo sees architecture as an instrument to connect to one's soul and spirit, enjoys life's celebration, treasures the warmth of a hug, and strives to live a life rooted in the wisdom of the heart. Ricardo has consulted for projects in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, and Europe.

He is the other co-founder at design & innovation consultancy Places People Love. 

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